Join us on the best Transylvania holidays Dracula. Visit our country and discover our old customs and traditions. Our tours are the best example of Dracula Transylvania tourism. Your itinerary includes places related to Vlad the Impaler, as well as several landmarks which will help you understand our history

Choose our Dracula Tours. These itineraries take place between June and September every year. Join us and then visit landmarks and places which will transform your experience in the best Transylvania Holidays Dracula. You will visit Sighisoara Medieval Citadel – Dracula’s birthplace, and then Poienari Citadel or Snagov Monastery, where the ruler was allegedly buried. Explore famous Romanian castles such as Corvinesti Castle, Peles Palace and Transylvania’s symbol, Bran Castle. Discover the entire itinerary and book your tour from the product page.

Transylvania Tourism – Best Halloween Parties

Halloween Party at Bran Castle

The Halloween edition of our Transylvania Holidays Dracula include up to three Halloween Parties. One of them takes place in Sighisoara Medieval Citadel. Join us at a Medieval 3* hotel. Enjoy a delicious three-course dinner, discover ‘tuica’, the Romanian water of fire and then have fun during our special events. The highlight of this party is the Ritual of Killing of a Living Dead.

Your holiday to Transylvania continues with the Halloween Party at Bran Castle, also known as ‘Dracula’s Castle’. Go on a special night tour of the castle, followed by a horror movie projection and then join us for an amazing After Party in the courtyard.

If you choose the best example of Dracula Transylvania Tourism – our Awarded 7-Days Tour, you will attend a third Halloween party as well. This event takes place at Dracula’s Castle Hotel in Borgo Pass. The hotel is built according to Bram Stoker’s imagination. Furthermore, you can find it where the Irish author located Dracula’s Castle in his novel. Have fun at ‘Draculestilor Ball’ and then go outside and gather around a huge bonefire. Enjoy the traditional music show and discover all the dark legends.

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