Book one of our tours Romania visit Transylvania and spend the best holidays in our country. Go on our itineraries and discover the legend of Dracula. On Halloween, have fun during the parties included in our tours. One of the parties takes place in Sighisoara Citadel, while the other one is the popular Bran Castle Halloween Party. In addittion to these, people who go on our Awarded 7-Days tour or on our 10-days tour are also invited to a third Halloween Party, at Dracula’s Castle Hotel in Borgo Pass.

Bran Castle Halloween Party – Program

Join us in Bran village for the best Bran Castle Halloween party, which you can book here. Take advantage of our skip the line service to avoid waiting a long time at the entrance. Go on a unique night tour of the castle and then enjoy a horror movie projection. After that, you are invited to the courtyard for a fun After Party. The Bran Castle party is available with any Halloween tour, except for the 1 or 2-days tours in Sighisoara. These tours are designed to include only our Halloween Party in Sighisoara.


If you are unable to join our 7-days full Transylvania experience, we recommend a 3-days Halloween Short break. Your tour can depart from Bucharest or you can choose the Cluj-Napoca Dracula tour departures. The short breaks are similar in terms of itinerary. If you choose to depart from Bucharest, your tour takes you to Sighisoara. Explore the citadel and then enjoy our Halloween Party. From here, drive to Brasov, enjoy a short city tour and then reach Bran Village and have fun at the Bran Castle Halloween Party. The next day, after you recover, transfer to Bucharest airport for your return journey.

Tours Romania visit Transylvania – Cluj-Napoca departure

The Cluj-Napoca Halloween tour includes the same locations and parties. However, during this tour, you can choose to stop in Turda and admire the Turda Salt Mines. Also, when you return to Cluj-Napoca, we recommend considering another stop in Turda in order to enjoy a special dinner. We recommend the popular Vampire Menu from Hunter Prince restaurant, a Dracula-themed establishment.

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