Dracula Castle from Transylvania

If you are considering booking a Romania vacation, you should know exactly what you need to pack.
When it comes to clothes, it depends on the season. We have plenty of food and drinks, so there’s no need to bring your own.

Regardless of the Romania vacation you choose, you must pack your own toothbrush and other hygiene related items.
The hotels you will be staying at will provide you with clean towels. Choosing the clothes you need to pack needs to be treated differently for each tour. What you need depends on the time of the year when your Romania vacation takes place.

How to pack in a Romania Vacation – Dracula Tours

If you join us for the Dracula Tour in June, you should pack light. The weather tends to be warm this time of the year.
We also recommend you to bring a raincoat and, eventually, a warm pair of clothes, because there are periods in which it can rain or get colder outside.

In July and August, you can enjoy the hot summer weather.
Bring summer clothes and a raincoat (it tends to rain a lot during the summer). It never hurts to be prepared, so we recommend a pair of long-sleeved clothes as well.

September can be quite a tricky month.
In some years, the weather stays just as warm as in August and in other years it can get quite cold.
You can pack light, but we recommend you to bring a pair of warm clothes as well. This way, if you have to face an episode of cold weather, you will be ready for it.

How to pack in a Romania Vacation – Halloween Tours

People costumed for Halloween Party

The Halloween Tours are the best experiences in our offer.
If you choose such a Romania Vacation, you will not only visit Transylvania, with all its wonders, but also enjoy up to three Halloween Parties.
These tours take place in late October – early November, so you should expect cold weather, with temperatures usually falling under 15 degrees Celsius.
For these tours, you should pack warm clothes, but you can also bring a T-Shirt because you can get lucky and enjoy warmer weather than usual. Another thing you should pack for the Halloween Tours is your Halloween Costume. Or costumes, if you want to wear different ones at each party.

Now that you know what you need to pack for your Romania Vacation, all you have to do is choose one of our tours, send us your booking and arrive in Transylvania for a tour you won’t forget.

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